Aleksey Ostrov

The works of Aleksey Ostrov (creative alias «Wasp») are saturated with the energy of protest to Mankind, they contain hope and faith in him. Pain, suffering of all people and each one individually, as well as joy, wisdom and depth. In his works there are hidden, extinct in the mind and unfulfilled dreams. And strength for those who have started, but don’t have the strength to go further.

His works are contradictory and ambiguous, since the inner world of everyone is a secret for others, and often for himself.

The author claims that while being in contact with His Creativity, visually or tactual, people penetrated like through a portal into Their Worlds, and each woke up at his own level.

He dreams that they begin to believe in themselves and change their inner world as they dream every evening when they are going to world of Morpheus.

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